Innovative ice-breaking

for greener future


Ice-breaking services

Bifrost Tug has an innovative removable icebreaking bow, which can be attached to smaller tugboats, requiring less pushforce and therefore significantly less fuel consumption compared to traditional icebreaking vessels. Its’ small size benefits from greater maneuverability allowing better access to generators in offshore wind farms during the winter. Also the tug and loose bow design is more cost-effective and suitable for use in smaller ports.

Tug services

Bifrost Tug provides reliable and safe tugboat services to the oil and gas, shipping, and fishing industries. We offer a full range of services, including towing, anchor handling, and standby rescue. Our experienced staff and fleet of vessels are equipped with the latest navigational and safety equipment to ensure that our clients receive the highest level of service. Bifrost Tug services is committed to providing an efficient, safe and cost-effective service to our customers.

Marie Aanensen

CEO – Project manager

Our goal is to develop ice-breaking as a marine service  which is easily accessible, reasonably priced and environmentally friendly – for all ships and harbours in the Baltics.


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